a gem of Southern Thailand, entices with its stunning beaches, rich culture, and lush landscapes, promising an unforgettable escape for all.
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Trang, a province in Southern Thailand, welcomes thousands of visitors every year thanks to its beautiful beaches, forests, historical attractions and adventure travels.

Trang is divided into 10 distircts; Mueang Trang, Kantang, Huai Yot, Yan Ta Khao, Palian, Sikao, Wang Wiset, Na Yong, Ratsada, and Hat Samran. Each district features many interesting tourist attractions.

Trang is a magnificent coastal province with a long, beautiful shoreline that stretches 199 kilometers along the Andaman Sea. In addition, the province has two major rivers flowing through it, the Trang River, which originates in the Khao Luang Mountain Range, and Maenam Palian, which flows from the Banthat Mountain Range.

Despite the fact that Trang City plays a key role in facilitating trade to Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand's southern commercial hub, Trang is a province infrequently visited by tourists. It was only recently that Trang has been poised to establish itself on the international travel map.

Trang has geographical advantages similar to those of Krabi and Phang Nga. This includes breathtaking islands and beaches along the coast as well as awe-inspiring inland limestone mountains.

Trang has both mainland beaches and a whole string of offshore islands; the province features an archipelago in the Andaman Sea consisting of more than 46 islands. Visitors interested in light-adventure activities can cruise the coastal waters and visit notable sights, such as the enchanting Emerald Cave. Additional attractions include the nearby Mu Koh Petra National Park, where idyllic beaches and islands are perfect places to enjoy the warm, clear waters of the Andaman Sea. Some of the dive sites in the National Park are world-class. There are also wildlife sanctuaries such as Namtok Khao Chong and Khlong Lamchan Park where waterfalls, nature trails, and caves are awaiting exploration. For those looking for a relaxed, tranquil ambience, Trang is a perfect place to unwind amidst stunning scenery.

Similar in topography to neighboring Krabi, Trang features idyllic islands with breathtaking karst formations and unspoiled beaches, making it the hot new destination for those looking for less developed yet beautiful Thai beaches and islands.

The waters off Trang have also become a refuge of the threatened dugong, the “sea cow” cousin of the manatee. Koh Libong is one of the best places to spot these docile sea mammals which have become the unofficial symbol of Trang.

Trang city, the provincial capital, is a centuries-old seaport with a multicultural population of Thai, Malay, and Hokkien Chinese residents, a mixture that is best appreciated while dining on the local cuisine or mingling with the locals at a local coffee shop.

Trang Attractions

Phraya Ratsada Nu Pradit Mahisara Phakdi Museum is located about 200 meters from Kantang Municipality. The building is the former home of the governor of Trang.

The first rubber tree in Thailand is located along a road to Kantang district.

Hat Yao (Long Beach) is a long sandy beach with lines of sea pines spread along the beach. Hat Yao Pier is a major ferry port that tourists can catch ferries to Trang’s islands.

Koh Libong is the largest island in Trang Sea. Around the island are masses of sea grass field that is food for dugongs. The dugong is classified as vulnerable to extinction mammals but can still be seen around Koh Libong.

Koh Muk and Morakot Cave are the most prominent tourist attractions in Trang Sea. Koh Muk is famous for the island’s pristine sandy beaches and Tham Morakot or Morakot Cave which gets its

Khao Chong Wildlife Development and Conservation Promotion Station offer visitors refreshing waterfalls of Ton Yai, Ton Noi and Ka Chong.

Ton Te Waterfall has the water source from Banthat Mountain Range. There is a stream flowing through the rocks and it is 320 meters high with a pool suitable for swimming at its base.

Ton Tok Waterfall is a single-level waterfall cascading down slightly to the basin below. Visitor can see Namtok Ton Te from this waterfall.

Koh Kradan is in Hat Chao Mai National Park.

Hat Chao Mai National Park consists of rainforest, mangrove forest, beaches and groups of islands.

Rajamangala Aquarium is the large building inside the Faculty of Science & Fisheries Technology, Rajamangala University of Technology Srivijaya Trang Campus.

Hat Pak Meng is a beautiful and peaceful beach in the shape of a crescent moon. Boats from Pak Meng Pier can take visitors to Koh Mook and Morakot Cave.

Hat Chang Lang is the location of the headquarter of Hat Chao Mai National Park.

Tham Le Khao Kob is one of Unseen Thailand in Trang. The cave has magnificent layers of rocks and stalactites and stalagmites inside. Visitors have to paddle a boat to enter the cave and there is a highlight point when the ceiling of the cave is getting so low that everybody on the boat has to lie down to get past. That area is known as “going under the dragon’s belly.”

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