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"Buffalo tales, crafts, and cultural rhythms await! Join the adventure in Samutsongkram, Ratchaburi, and Petchburi - where water buffalos create a splash of tradition and excitement!" ​

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Destination: Samutsongkram-Ratchaburi-Petchburi

Overview: Embark on a captivating journey through the heart of local life in Samutsongkram, Ratchaburi, and Petchburi, where the river and the land form the lifelines of communities. This educational field trip offers a unique opportunity to delve into the traditions, craftsmanship, and vibrant cultural heritage of these regions.

Key Highlights:

  • Coconut Plantation Visit: Witness the art of sustainable living as we explore coconut plantations, gaining insights into the cultivation of this versatile crop and the fascinating process of making coconut palm sugar.
  • Local Artisanal Productions:
    • Five-Colored Royal Porcelain: Immerse yourself in the intricate world of porcelain crafting, discovering the unique five-colored Royal porcelain that reflects the cultural richness of the region.
    • Coconut Shell Products: Experience the creativity of local artisans as they transform coconut shells into exquisite products, showcasing the resourcefulness of traditional craftsmanship.
    • Jataka Carved Teak Wood: Uncover the stories told through Jataka carved teak wood, a traditional art form that intricately depicts tales of cultural and historical significance.
    • Thai Shadow Puppet (Nang Yai) Performance: Be enchanted by the traditional art of Thai shadow puppetry, known as Nang Yai, as performers bring ancient stories to life through this captivating visual medium.
    • Glazed Jar & Ceramic Ware: Explore the age-old techniques of crafting glazed jars and ceramic ware, witnessing the mastery of local artisans in this timeless art form.

Educational Impact: This immersive journey goes beyond textbooks, providing students with firsthand experiences that foster cultural appreciation, an understanding of sustainable practices, and exposure to traditional crafts. Engaging with local communities enhances students' global perspectives and instills a deep appreciation for the diverse tapestry of human culture.

Join Us on this Cultural Odyssey: Embark on a discovery of traditions, craftsmanship, and cultural diversity in Samutsongkram, Ratchaburi, and Petchburi. Enrich your educational experience with this insightful field trip that promises to leave a lasting impact on your understanding of local livelihoods and artistic heritage.

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